TiVo Bolt OTA For Antenna Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best TiVo Bolt OTA For Antenna Black Friday Deals 2022.

The TiVo Screw OTA is a good DVR for cable cutters that positions a focus on searching for and taping over-the-air programs.

TiVo Bolt OTA For Antenna Black Friday Deals

TiVo went far for itself by creating a cable television box that was far better than every various other wire boxes around. But what if you do not have cable? The Tivo Screw OTA is a DVR for cable cutters, letting you enjoy and videotape over-the-air programs as well as stream material from several online sources. However, you’ll require to sign up for registration, as well as your alternatives for streaming video clips are far more restricted than they are with various other systems.


TiVo’s Screw OTA is a shiny black box gauging 11.4 x 7.3 x 1.8 inches that resembles it’s been bent. Yes, this design makes TiVo’s box stand apart, yet it also means it’s a bit hard to stuff in with the remainder of your entertainment equipment. Besides the glossy black plastic, which grabs fingerprints, the front of the Screw has a TiVo logo design. Two LEDs– one environment-friendly as well as one red– show that the Bolt is on as well as recording, respectively. The Bolt has four tuners, so you can tape-record as many as three programs at once while watching an additional.
Around the back is a coaxial input for the antenna as well as electronic audio, 3.5-millimeter audio, HDMI, Ethernet, and also two USB ports. The Bolt has a 1TB disk drive, yet if you require additional storage space, you can connect an exterior drive to the eSATA port on the Bolt.

TiVo Bolt OTA For Antenna

User interface

One benefit of the Recast is that you can position it basically throughout your residence, given that it will stream material through Wi-Fi to your Fire TELEVISION device. The Screw OTA requires to be physically attached to both your TV and your antenna. You can purchase the TiVo Mini VOX, nonetheless, which will let you access material from the Screw wirelessly.


TiVo’s remote control has actually had the same figure-eight style for fairly time, but it’s time to try something new. The buttons on this bulbous, hefty remote are impractically outlined. In the leading half is a circular navigation switch surrounded by quantity and also channel rockers, a voice search button, and a couple of others. In the center of the remote is another round switch to manage playback of whatever you’re viewing: play, pause, fast forward, and reverse. The all-time low of the remote has a number pad as well as switches for missing commercials and also opening up Netflix.

Having 2 circular controls triggers confusion if you’re using the remote by feel; too often, I would unconsciously press the pause switch in the middle of the remote when I suggested pressing the navigation controls. At the very leading of the push-button control is a TiVo switch; press this and the TiVo’s residence screen appears. Along the center of the screen is a bow with My Reveals, What to Enjoy, Search, and also Apps. Listed below this are 4 thumbnails for programs that are currently broadcasting.

Compared to the Fire TV as well as various other user interfaces, which offer loads of icons of points to enjoy on their home displays, TiVo’s really feels a bit sparse. I would certainly favor seeing even more program recommendations along an all-time low. The What To Enjoy menu deals loads of pointers, arranged into a few intriguing categories. Collections have actually curated checklists with such names as “Grammy Winners,” “Congratulations Boston!,” “Valentine’s Yay!” and “Valentine’s Nay.” Other classifications consist of Box Sets (such as the total Aliens or Back to the Future trilogy).

Unlike Amazon.com’s user interface, which puts streaming services initially, TiVo lets you see what’s airing on your regional channels by utilizing a solitary button press. That could interest those who would rather enjoy the neighborhood news before bingeing Netflix. TiVo provides you a variety of options for taping a program, whether it’s a solitary episode, a whole season, upcoming episodes, new episodes, only reruns, and also more. You can likewise define if TiVo needs to begin taping before or after the scheduled time, which is handy when you’re tape-recording sports. Comparative, the Recast only offers you the choice of tape-recording a single episode or an entire series.

Voice Look

Between Roku, Amazon, and others, voice search has become a vital element of any type of streaming device. TiVo’s works well– you can look by title, style, star, and also character; it accurately analyzed my voice as well as pulled up whatever it was I asked. What’s more, it will certainly search across all your linked streaming services– if the flick is available on more than one service, you can select the one you want– and also will display ratings for that program.


If you get tired of watching neighborhood networks, you can link 21 streaming apps to TiVo (consisting of Amazon Prime Video clip, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Epix, and also YouTube) along with Alexa and IFTTT. That’s a great choice, yet Amazon.com and also Roku use a much bigger food selection of streaming solutions. One exemption is Vudu, which is not readily available with Amazon. You likewise can not regulate TiVo utilizing Google Assistant; Amazon.com’s Fire TV likewise lacks this compatibility, but that’s to be expected.


TiVo has made a great DVR box for cable cutters, provided in the direction of those who intend to see as well as videotape over-the-air programs. It’s easy to search for programs, as well as TiVo’s system offers a remarkable variety of alternatives for recording shows you intend to view. However, you’ll have to pay for the box as well as a registration fee.

However, I desire TiVo would certainly upgrade its remote to be something a lot more comfortable as well as intuitive. As well as, adding a few even more streaming solutions wouldn’t injure, either. If you’re currently utilizing a Fire TV device, then Recast is the much better alternative, as you will not need to pay additional subscription fees for TiVo’s service. However, for those that aren’t indentured to Amazon’s community– and there are still a few of you out there– the TiVo Bolt OTA is great if pricey, system.

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