Samsung 256GB 100 MBPS Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best Samsung 256GB 100 MBPS Black Friday Deals 2022.

Samsung’s Growth of the EVO Plus memory card lineup marks them among the first vendors to give 256GB of storage at a microSD form element. Just like the majority of important memory card sellers, Samsung has included the 256GB version to accommodate the expanding resolution of videos and pictures and apparatus that catch them as GoPro cameras and drones; using the newest EVO Plus, consumers may save around 55,200 photographs, 33 hours of an HD movie, or even 12 hours of 4k UHD video.

Samsung 256GB 100 MBPS Black Friday Deals

Even Though the EVO Plus Is not Samsung’s flagship”functionality” card, so it may still write files in a reported rate of 90MB/s (95MB/s browse ), that will be well over the latest EVO Plus card. Samsung used the planet’s very first 48-cell coating V_NAND using all the EVO Plus, allowing it to keep powerful transfer rates while reaching a storage density that exceeds that of other memory cards. Having been assembled for durability too, the Samsung EVO is watertight, temperature-proof, X-ray-proof, along magnetic-proof.

The Samsung EVO Plus includes a label and contains a 10-year guarantee.


  •  Ability: 256GB of articles storage
  •  Samsung 4-Proof Characteristics:
  •  Waterproof (IEC 60529, IPX7)
  •  Temperature-proof
  •  X-ray-proof
  •  Magnetic-proof
  •  Transport Speeds: Read and write rates of up To 95MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively
  •  Speed Course: UHS-1, Class 10, (U3) harmonious
  •  Warranty: Restricted 10-year

Design and Construct

The Samsung EVO Plus 256GB is less or more Identical to this 128GB version; the surface of the card is red and white with the capability composed in white. Other product info, including the card type (microSD) and rate class, will also be on the surface of the card. The back of this card is mostly simply shameful, With the exclusion of the two gold connector pins and version number.

Samsung 256GB 100 MBPS


Utilizing our Client Testing Platformwe quantified the wireless transfer rates In the Samsung EVO Plus 256GB card together with IOMeter. We’ve contained the following memory card in contrast, Though It should be noted that the EVO Plus 256GB is your very first microSD that We’ve analyzed in this capability:

  •  Samsung EVO Plus microSD (128GB)
  •  Samsung PRO Plus microSD (64GB)
  •  Patriot LX Collection microSD (128GB)

Within our 2MB successive reference, the EVO Plus 256GB card published the most powerful numbers that we’ve observed from almost any microSD: 89.8MB/s read and 83MB/s compose. The Samsung PRO has been the nearest concerning functionality (89.2MB/s and 83.7MB/s in write and read ( respectively), followed with the EVO Plus 128GB card (84.9MB/s along with 19.7MB/s( respectively) along with also the Patriot LX (81.07MB/s and also 20.77MB/s( respectively).

The EVO Plus 256GB card slid somewhat in our 2MB arbitrary benchmark, submitting 85.7MB/s read and 2.4MB/s compose. Even though its write functionality was that poorer than its corresponding cards, though its read performance was quite powerful. The Samsung PRO surpassed the EVO Plus 256GB about both write and read (86.1MB/s along with 4.7MB/s( respectively), along with the EVO Plus 128GB (79.5MB/s browse and 3.9MB/s write) and Patriot LX (58.66MB/s read along with 6.57MB/s write) every single of the EVO Plus 256GB with regards to writing functionality.

In our arbitrary 4k benchmark, the EVO Plus 256GB Submitted 1,243 IOPS and also 413 IOPS (write and read ( respectively), along with the Patriot LX submitted 982 IOPS and 255 IOPS (write and read ( respectively).


The EVO Plus 256GB is a powerful addition to Samsung’s repertoir of all microSD cards. In addtion for its novelty as among the very few 256GB microSD cards available on the current market, the newest EVO Plus shows a massive improvement in performance in comparison with the former version; in relation to successive transfers, the EVO Plus 256GB has write rates that dissipates Samsung’s functionality card (i.e., PRO Plus). From the context of this marketplace as a whole, there are not many microSD cards that may compete with all the EVO Plus. Although media pros and fans would probably have a tricky time finding a better choice, the EVO Plus could be unnecessary for casual consumers.

Samsung has incentivized customers to Think about the EVO Plus by adding a 10-year guarantee. Taking into consideration the level to which the storage marketplace will probably vary between now and then, this may even indicate that users would not ever have to get a different microSD. What’s more, Samsung has equipped the EVO Plus using a lasting chassis to make certain it lasts long. So far as performance goes, the 256GB EVO Plus revealed powerful performance coming out in addition to our 2MB successive evaluations with 89.2MB/s see and 83.7MB/s write. While maybe not the general best performer in 2MB arbitrary, the 256GB EVO Plus had yet another strong performance with 85.7MB/s see and 2.4MB/s write.


  •  Enormous storage density
  •  10-year guarantee
  •  Great General performance


  •  Historical adopters will cover the cost premium

The Most Important Thing

As one of the fastest and largest-capacity MicroSD cards readily available, the EVO Plus is a more compelling alternative for extreme users. Samsung made this card with a focus on strength and encircle it with a 10-year guarantee.

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