Ailihen C8 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best Ailihen C8 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2022.

Ailihen is an additional Chinese earphone manufacturer hoping to make waves in the customer earphone market by using decent headphones at an ultra-cheap cost. The most recent of these? the Ailihen C8 on-ear headphones, which come with a tiny from the business’s internet site, with shipping alternatives throughout the world.
The Ailihen C8’s are comparable in rate to the Sound Intone CX-05’s and also the Audio Intone P6’s. Actually, we even got them from the exact same get in touch with.

Ailihen C8 Headphones Black Friday Deals

However just because an item is inexpensive, that does not suggest you should purchase it. Are the Ailihen C8’s any excellent? We put them to the test to discover.


The very first thing to notice about the earphones is their design, as well as they, in fact, look pretty streamlined. The design we’re examining is white and beige, and also the color mix helps provide fairly a premium look. Also, the wire has been given attention– rather than a straightforward plastic cable television, the wire is braided nylon, which is both stronger and a lot more stylish than a plastic wire.

At this price, you would not anticipate getting a lot with the earphones, as well as you do not– however you additionally don’t actually require a lot. All that you’ll locate in the box are the earphones themselves– no lug situation, no adapter, and more. It would have behaved to get a carry bag with the C8’s, especially thinking about the fact that these are tiny sufficient to handle the road. You’ll require to be mindful when taking these headphones with you.

Ailihen C8 Headphones

The construct of high quality on the Ailihen C8’s is also pretty economical, as you might expect. Also, the “metal” components– or components that look like steel– are, in fact, a repainted plastic. That’s not that huge of an offer considering the rate, however– and the plastic made use of on the rest of the headphones feels fairly wonderful. Not only that but using plastic helps maintain the headphones exceptionally light.


The criterion of being middle-of-the-road continues when it concerns convenience. The C8’s most absolutely do not really feel negative, yet they could be a lot much better.

Allow’s begin with the earcups, which in fact feel pretty good. The headphones do not have a ton of padding, however considering the fact that they’re so light– plus the reality that they don’t actually secure that hard, and also there suffices on the earcups for also longer paying attention sessions. It’s not the earcups that are the issue, however– it’s the headband.

That’s because there’s no padding to mention on the headband. Currently, for some that will not be a huge concern– it’s simple to expand the earcups a little so there’s less pressure on the top of the head. It can, nevertheless, get a little annoying. After around half an hour of paying attention the top of our head was absolutely getting uneasy.
Generally, the Ailihen C8’s aren’t awkward, yet a little headphone on the headband wouldn’t have actually hurt.


You can not anticipate much. As well as you do not obtain much. The audio of these earphones is by far the most awful feature of them. We can handle affordable build quality and a lack of cushioning on the headband, however, negative audio is irredeemable.

Let’s start with the bass. The bass on the C8’s leaves a little to be wanted, yet it’s in fact not that negative compared to the mids as well as the premium. It supplies a punch, as well as while there’s little to no sub-bass regularities, that punch sits rather well around where the kick drum hits, as well as the bass guitar, seems.

Once we reach the mid points start going downhill. There are some low-mid frequencies, but the high-mids begin cutting out, offering the headphones a very sloppy as well as uncertain noise.

Continue on right into the premium, as well as you’re left asking yourself if there’s a low-pass filter on the headphones– whereby all the lower regularities are allowed with and also the high frequencies are completely eliminated. Remarkably enough the website details the frequency range as 20Hz– 2000Hz (which is amazingly low).

We assume they indicate 20,000 Hz, which is an industry requirement, but the reality continues to be– vocals do not cut through a mix as well as cymbals are only listened to in the distance. Even strings are a little boring.

To top all of it off, the headphones are not, as advertised, “sound separating.” Little outside sound is cut out, and also you’ll get a fair bit of hemorrhage from your music, although that these are closed-back headphones.


The Ailihen C8’s aren’t a great set of earphones, however, they’re really not that negative for the cost. They look respectable, are sensibly comfy with the exception of the headband, and use a great amount of bass. Audiophiles should most absolutely steer clear of the C8’s as must anyone who values high frequencies. Yet if you just intend to look stylish as well as listen to pounding bass, then these can work for you.

If you are focusing on a good, well-balanced sound quality along with less complicated access while wrapping up a headset, AILIHEN C8 wired headsets can be your best pick.

With the intense expectation and also versatile structure, it has ended up being a need for my everyday commute. Additionally, for an extensive usage duration, it has been verified to be a comfy and also lightweight headset. Its valuable noise termination feature, as well as mobility, makes it an ideal travel companion.

Naturally, this is not the supreme headset available currently; there are much more headsets that are far better as well as upgraded in regards to audio top quality, personalized features, and also specifically ANC. Yet, AILIHEN C8 headphones are rather good for economical, regular usage, top-quality acoustic experience. I hope my AILIHEN C8 wired earphones examination assists you obtain a fair suggestion on the product.

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